KY Cash Advance
"Where everyday is payday"

KY Cash Advance Lexington

4097 Nichols Park Dr. Suite 116
Lexington, KY 40503
"In the Walmart shopping center, next to Radio Shack and Chase Bank"

Welcome to Lexington's Ky Cash Advance, where we strive to keep things quick, easy and confidential.  Our staff is dedicated to making you feel comfortable when living paycheck to paycheck is not enough.

At our location we offer loans up to $500, all you need to do is bring in your;

  • 30 day bank statement
  • current paystub
  • photo id
  • social securtiy card
  • personal check. 

Save a step, take advantage of the online application and avoid having to do it in store.

Or Call Today for Pre-Approval

Also take advantage of our in-store book buy back. Ready to sell those new or gently used college textbooks? Bring them in today and earn cash immediatly.
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